Monday, May 12, 2008


I did it I am done!!!!!!!

Getting the "diplomas"

Me and the proud parents

I'm a slacker sorry

Quick update, still don't know what I'm doing after the end of June but I am not going to stress over it yet. Here are some shots of stuff I've been working on since the last posting. Enjoy.

A deer broke in to her shop the Friday before Mother's Day weekend by the time I got there Monday there wasn't a whole lot visually but the story was great. The deer went around all the store and didn't break very much, luckily it was in the middle of the night and it didn't get spooked by the drunks who called the police otherwise there would have been a lot more damage.

Yeah I am getting better with the timing of the volleyball getting hit, now if I could just get the flash working correctly.

I loved the colors in her paintings, the bright vivid color against the dark. I really enjoy doing the portraits for the artist cove section, I get to meet a variety of very interesting people.

Yeah for the Olde York Street Fair, which was on Mother's Day, the kids had lots of fun, over 7,000 people showed up and I some how didn't get a photo that showed that, shame on me.