Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall has arrived

Fall is my favorite time of the year, the leaves are changing, the weather cooling down, and Halloween. There have been a lot of assignments to cover the Halloween parades in the area in the two weeks before the actual day. This one got rained out, the fall weather, so they had all the kids who dressed up meet at the YMCA to do the judging. There were some great shots once I got the parents to stop having their kids pose for me.

This guys pirate outfit was made by his grandma, he was very proud of it and got second place in the "cutest" category. His little brother was a parrot, see below.

This one won "most unique", I don't know if you can see the face of the girl in the crystal ball, she came up with the idea and luckily had a mom that would participate.

These two got 1st and 2nd for "funniest" he a Penn State fan and is dressed as Michigan's wounded Wolverine, and she is a Bubble Bath, what you can't hear is "Splish Splash" playing on the cd player as she walked around.

This was my favorite moment of the day, the little girl was amazed by the parrot she kept petting him and touching him it was great. I didn't want to get too close so that the parents saw me and made the kids smile for the camera. The parrot is the brother of the pirate at top and won "best animal"

Friday night football

This was my first attempt at football at night under the lights, I ended up having to use the strob flash, blah. It was at the University's stadium I was expected better light, I also found that I need to keep on my editor for my press ID so that I can avoid crazy security people who think I am carrying around a 300 on a monopod for the fun of it, just let me on the field man!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Soccer and a .38

I have a feeling that I am going to be shooting mainly sports since I am working the 2-10 shift but hey they're fun. Here are a couple from today.

Like my white background it is a garbage bag, my editor didn't tell me I was doing this until I was already 30 min. away so I couldn't grab a background, thankgoodness the gun store owner was a good sport.

FYI bullets don't stack well they tend to slide and roll alot grrrrrr!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Little Rusty

Well I am back to posting. I want to assure those of you who check this and care (Jarad) that i have been shooting since the last post but I just haven't been posting them. I will do much better now that I will be in the office most days. Yes folks you heard right I have a job, a real full time job with BENIFITS. I love that fact, I haven't had Med. insurance for a looonnnng time.

So sit back and get a kick out of what I have done my first two days back in the newspaper world.

So this little girl was the honorary captain to honor her sister who died a couple years ago of cancer. It was a fun assignment for the first one back, she was very shy and very aware of the camera but I like this composition even if it is an extreme vertical, sometimes it just works out that way.

First time shooting field hockey and it was at night under lights, blah. I will get better.

It was a Veteran's information fair and he was one of two veterans there for the hour I was before the soccer game. He was a good sport I followed him around. The photo isn't all that interesting but hey it works.

Yeah for soccer, although I did find a couple times during the game I was watching it instead of shooting it, I have to remind myself that I am there to get the shot.