Monday, June 29, 2009

Cadet Camp

This is a week long camp where kids come to learn some selfconfidence and all those things that will make them responsible adults so the law enforcement officers who put this one won't have to deal with them later in a professional manner. The kids where cool although they kept calling me mam, which threw me off. But it was fun and they seemed to be doing alright.
Oh so this one looks a little green, I think it saved itself after I edited it for print. Our printer tends to add a bit more magenta than needed.

There were about 50 kids, boys and girls ages 12-15.
I took this one because the father of the boy in red was standing next to me and he was the police officer in charge of the whole camp.

Craziness I tell you...

Another one from the from the early childhood development thing, they finally started playing naturally once I left and used my long lense from across the playground, it wasn't stalkerish I promise, it took them about 30 sec. to realize what I was doing and ham it up again.

Members of a local church got together with other volunteers from around the state to build their church. It was fun, there were home ec teachers useing the table saw, chaos I tell ya.

This is the acting mayor of one of the many small towns that is in our coverage area. We are documenting his fight on weeds, but only along the parade route right now he isn't worring about the alleyways yet...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some Randomness

We are doing a series on early childhood development, David is a very serious 2 year old.
I'm aging portraits for everyone in my civil war reenacting group. Here's the Captain.
A flaming pile of turkey poop. No really it is, they are burning it to save 30,000 a year in oil for the farm and lessen the pollution in some watershed.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flag Day

While I was attending three American flag retirement ceremonies I was impressed with the respect shown by people of all ages. At the same time I noticed the irony of some of the shots that if you take off the boyscout or american legion uniform these shots could be from a protest rally. I just found it interesting that the same action burning an American flag can have such a opposite message.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A day at the Park

All my assignments were at local parks today it was great. I really enjoy days where I can hone my candid portrait skills.

Ok so the first isn't from a park but this is one that I really liked but didn't run they went for the more traditional one with the flash, but I like the shadows.

Here are the park photos, first two are of a stroke victim and his grandson, and the last is some kids that are playing at a park that there has been reports of snakes, officials are not worried the snakes harmless water snakes. All the people we talked to thought it was neat and there kids would love finding snakes, not the big outcry of horror our editor was expecting.