Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Market Street Fire

The local bar just down the street from the paper's office we got there before many of the firefighters. It gutted the building but they were able to save the connecting buildings amazingly. These photos are the RAW versions edited to come later.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Last days of Jan...

This woman got a makeover through "Women in Transition" I wish I had a copy of the before, looking at her now you would think she never needed one. It was fun to watch the end of the process.

A health fair at the mall for kids and their parents, it was fun. I like this first one not really sure why but I do.

The second one is showing some lotion that glows under black lights and represents germs the kids missed when washing their hands.

And this one was for the superbowl ads in 3D, this is a intern at the paper we had fun goofing around but ended up liking the straight on best.

Week of Feb 3-7

I have been shooting alot of basketball lately these are a couple of shooting shots I liked although the one of the girls is a little red so when it printed it was extremely magenta, yuck. Our printer runs magenta and apperently I didn't add enough green to compensate.

The Ice Festival began in Lewisburg this past weekend, I got the ice sculptor and Rob got the Polar Dip, I didn't really want to go stand out on the frozen lake for the shot, I don't trust ice yet.

I am really happy that I caught this moment even if it is a little grainy because my flash didn't have enough juice.

Crazy a capella group at the university that met at 9pm (my deadline is 10) but wouldn't start singing until the "leader" had given her ok after discussing business I was just tempted to walk out, she knew I was under a timeline and the others in the group were wanting to start for me but it was a power thing with her. On a technical note once I got back to the office I wished I had gotten up a little higher to get a better angle.