Monday, February 25, 2008

OFF and ON

Ok I have been at the complete extremes as far as the quality of my photos, some days I am good and will take interesting photos and the next take "boring, people will just look over them" photos according to my editor. I don't know what to do to make every day, or at least the mass majority of them, good days. Like today, he really liked these.

The only thing I can attribute it to is when I feel comfortable as a photographer. Still a lot of the time when I am at assignments I don't feel like a photographer, or that I should be there, i am only in the way. This happens even when people are very excited and happy that I am there taking photos. I am hoping that more confidence will come in time, quickly.

Attack of the Autofocus

All I can say is grrrrrr!!!!!!!!! I did get some that were in focus for the paper but this blog is not about those ones, these are the ones that would have been great if the damn focus thingy in my camera would work correctly.

Enjoy I did.

Monday, February 11, 2008

My first spot news

Last night, early this morning, I got the call that there was a 2 alarm fire and I was the one on call (I had just turned the light off for bed). I was excited to finally get to shoot a fire but a little wary because it was -17 outside. I layered up and headed out, the fire police there were great I was within 15 feet of the building. Close enough to use a flash, and I was actually willing to take a couple with it, except my batteries apparently didn't charge and it wasn't working but I think they turn out just fine personally.

These first two ran on the front page, I am much prouder of these than the front page Hannah Montana photo.


These one were just a couple others I liked. It was so freakin' cold my shoes were freezing to the ground if I stayed still too long. The surrounding trees where on fire when the firefighters showed up but by the time I got there they were covered with ice. Firefighters' gear was freezing, hoses and breathing gear.

I finally got in bed at 2:45 but didn't start to warm up quick enough.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ash Wednesday

Ok so with low light and not using a flash photos are grainy, but what are my choices, I was uncomfortable strobing the father and parish during Mass, and he had asked me not to it being a spiritual service and all. Should I just get over my reluctance of a strobe flash in these instances, what are my choices? Help!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Randomness from the past week

Here are some various assignments from the past week, there's no real order enjoy.

Every week in the paper there is the "artist's cove" section where a local artist is spotlighted, so I have many opportunities to take environmental portraits.

This woman started the "lifelong learning center" at the local college, it was the kick off party.

The Kingdom Hall building burnt down a couple months ago, they can usually rebuild with in a week but because of winter weather it has taken longer, their first official meeting in the "new" building is next week.

I spent a lot of time at Catholic schools this week, see post below, this was the last event for the week long program, but I get to go back on this week for Ash Wednesday.

Hannah Montana I am soooooo excited, blah. It wasn't too bad, she was way cute and kept falling down the theater seat, she wasn't heavy enough. Luckily I didn't have to stay for the movie and this was the front page main photo, my first.

Sports with flash...

This meet was lit dramatically which was cool but not what my editor wanted so...
I am doing what my editor wants and using a flash with sports it went alright, I still don't like how they look. I mean look at the shadow the guys head is making on the teammate behind him, a good 15 feet away
Toward the end of the meet my batteries in the flash decided to give up the ghost just in time for one of the wrestlers to split his head open. There was blood, a stretcher and a very nervous mother, she was on the mat within seconds of him not getting up, the poor kid he didn't have a chance of not looking like his mommy's baby.

I tried using a flash with swimming I got a couple with the flash but they all had their heads down so I gave up and did it my way.