Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What in the world...

Here is my week in review despite all efforts I still can't manage to keep this blog updated somewhat regularly.

America's Next Top Model did a casting call in York, PA and there was one guy who decided he was going to fight the system and try out. The sad thing is he was more girly than I am oh well. After talking to him I pointed our reporter in his direction, which led to the front page story with my picture, yeah. Best of luck to him, I mean really with that pose how could he not be the next Miss "J"

I have realized that whenever we need an feature story I am sent to take pictures of old people or children. I am working on getting the shots from a interesting angle, I think this counts. I was actually really interested in these eggs, the woman holding the egg is the teacher and sells her decorated eggs for lots of money, who knew.

So the cute kid shot, the advice that I received to improve this photo was to feature the "cat in the hat", my thought "wait he isn't real and the kids are the ones with the expressions on their faces". I wanted to capture the kids reaction to the large cat not the stuffed face of a woman in a cat suit, I guess next time I will try and get both that he can choose.

I am terrified of weather shots, for some reason I am not confident with my ideas and finding people to shoot that shows the weather. I spent most of the day Monday looking for people enjoying the 60 degree weather. Amazingly enough there weren't a whole lot of people out until after school got out and people got off work. These guys were great they kept jumping and almost landing on me but I think the viewer can tell it is a nice warm day in the middle of winter.

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