Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November Randomness

Some various photos from the past month enjoy I did.

Wine: Bottles vs. Boxes, what do you think these guys like?

Dinosaur randomly dropped by the news office, it was fun no one was working for a good 20 min. our editor was courious.

Local marching band wins fifth place, town goes crazy, well 15 of them do.

You gotta love free advertising for the car dealership for being a part of the story.

Yummy chocolate!!!!!!!

911 Call Center: the guy hid the whole time I was in the center but then actually got a call and had to stay at his desk.

Whole sale Christmas Tree Auction: notice the lack of trees, they were doing all those the next day.

An artificial sweetner is posionous to dogs so I got to go play at the vet for a hour, I love dogs.

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