Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Week of Feb 3-7

I have been shooting alot of basketball lately these are a couple of shooting shots I liked although the one of the girls is a little red so when it printed it was extremely magenta, yuck. Our printer runs magenta and apperently I didn't add enough green to compensate.

The Ice Festival began in Lewisburg this past weekend, I got the ice sculptor and Rob got the Polar Dip, I didn't really want to go stand out on the frozen lake for the shot, I don't trust ice yet.

I am really happy that I caught this moment even if it is a little grainy because my flash didn't have enough juice.

Crazy a capella group at the university that met at 9pm (my deadline is 10) but wouldn't start singing until the "leader" had given her ok after discussing business I was just tempted to walk out, she knew I was under a timeline and the others in the group were wanting to start for me but it was a power thing with her. On a technical note once I got back to the office I wished I had gotten up a little higher to get a better angle.

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