Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2009 PA State Track

I spent all day last Friday at the PIAA State Track meet, it was a long hot day, but I got a bunch of fun shots that I am pleased with.

Short white girl in the middle, she did pretty good and moved on to the finals the next day which I didn't cover, I think she placed.

I found an angle where you can see her face, yippeee.

All alone making the turn...

The girl in the orange in the back is the one of the many schools we were covering, she didn't win but it was close.

This one is not of a athlete from one of the schools we cover but a practice shot to set up the girl I was looking for but when she jumped she faced the other way...
I had to throw in a screaming shot, there was a lot of that going on.
I really like this shot of the guy going over the hurdle sadly the guy I needed was the one behind him so it didn't run in the paper but I still like it.

This guy was very serious coming across the finish line I love the look of determination.


Jarad 31 said...

I like the high jump where you can see her face, but especially since you can see up her shorts! HA!

Great work. POST MORE! I miss your blog, (and you) :) said...

that pole vault shot is beautiful