Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monty Python

Yesterday was the 40th birthday of the comedy group and so we of course did the story to run the day after, today, not the day of, yesterday. Oh well. But this guy edited and contributed to a book "Monty Python and Philosophy", he was really iteresting and I wanted to stick around for the interview 1) to get information for the cut line 2) get ideas for a more interesting portrait and 3) it was going to be interesting!!!! but the new reporter that should remain nameless pretty much kicked me out very rudely (i actually exclaimed "OH!") the man and his wife looked at her like she was crazy, for other reasons as well but that's a longer story. As the wife walked me to the door she gave me a look that was a combination of sorry and don't leave us alone with her.
I should have told her to bug off that I was staying but I was so caught off gaurd that I just left and only had this very typical portrait. The letter at the beginning of the book is from the office of the Queen of England, a response to their letter offering her the opportunity to be a part of their project.

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