Thursday, November 12, 2009

A day on the Street

Today was a walk randomly up to people day. First I was asked to get pics of people smoking not many in this world I think would agree to that especially for the paper. This guy was nice and I actually like how it turned out he spends most of his day hanging out infront of his place with friends watching the world go by. Those friends are the ones who convinced him to let me take his pic so I owe them a huge THANKS.
Next I was sent up to a neighboring town to take pics of people feeding the meter because the town isn't going to bag the meters for the holidays, they are going to provide tokens to the businesses to hand out to customers, so they are still going to have to feed the meter. I figured since it was going to be a generic shot i would get creative and sneak a east coast sunset in the shot.
By the way she and I were then headed to the same spot the yarn store "Mad About Ewes".

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