Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I've been looking at past post from early in my internship over 2 years ago and realizing how scared I was about taking people's pics. It's comforting to know that I now have no problem going up to someone and taking a pic of them eating food at the fair and then telling them that the story is about the high calories in the food they are eating, 2000 in the case of the bloomin' onion.

I have gotten over the fear of people not wanting their picture taken, most people are ok with it and excited that they might make it in the paper. Those who don't want their photo taken like this young man I don't really care because if you are headed to the courtroom you are fair game.

Victims can always be tricky shooting still, I never really know how they are going to react, this car dealer was swindled out of 30,000 dollars and was pissed. But in between the shots he was smiling and joking around. I really enjoyed the angry clouds.
And then there are the really random ones that turn out to be alot of fun. Barney Fife aka Scott Epperson was performing at the Bloomsburg Fair and he was a hoot. So much fun to watch interact with fans of all ages and talk with.

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