Monday, February 11, 2008

My first spot news

Last night, early this morning, I got the call that there was a 2 alarm fire and I was the one on call (I had just turned the light off for bed). I was excited to finally get to shoot a fire but a little wary because it was -17 outside. I layered up and headed out, the fire police there were great I was within 15 feet of the building. Close enough to use a flash, and I was actually willing to take a couple with it, except my batteries apparently didn't charge and it wasn't working but I think they turn out just fine personally.

These first two ran on the front page, I am much prouder of these than the front page Hannah Montana photo.


These one were just a couple others I liked. It was so freakin' cold my shoes were freezing to the ground if I stayed still too long. The surrounding trees where on fire when the firefighters showed up but by the time I got there they were covered with ice. Firefighters' gear was freezing, hoses and breathing gear.

I finally got in bed at 2:45 but didn't start to warm up quick enough.

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