Thursday, April 3, 2008

School Times

Ok so it has been awhile since my last post (thank you for the reminder jarad) I have been busy what can I say. I have been spending a lot of time at the local schools here is a variety of what i have been covering.

PSSA(the state standardized test) Pep Rally at a Middle School, it was louder than any sport pep rally I have attended.

These two won a business competition and were a lot of fun to photograph, they were all over the place it was impossible to get them to stop laughing for more than a second but here they are sitting in... well we had no idea what they were but it was fun.

This guy is in middle school and is going to the state geography bee for the first time to compete to see if he can make it to the National competition. The other paper in town got it wrong and said this was his second trip to the bee and that ladies and gentlemen are why we are the better paper.

The ball is in focus!!!!!

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