Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So very sorry but I've had better things...

Today Michelle Obama came to York, PA to rally the people to vote for Barack Obama. I got to cover that it was great fun, I was taking pictures next to a guy from the NYTimes and the ChicagoTrib. I was slightly intimidated but then I can take pictures just as well as they do although they did have a lot more and a lot better equipment than I did. I guess that just means I have less to lugg around.

I was being crushed by 4 very excited women at this moment, you can see another of their victims at the bottom of the pic.

She looks a little green in this one ummm, the darn lighting.

I like close ups.

Yesterday Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania spoke at one of the colleges in York, it wasn't quite as exciting as I though, he talked about taxes. Most of the audience's eyes glazed over or they were about as impressed as this student.

And then on Sunday I got to shoot the Democratic Presidential Candidates, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It was a live event for CNN so they only let us in before, after and during commercial breaks, I was there for 5 1/2 hours and had about 10 mins. of actual photo taking. But I got to meet a bunch of photographers that are working for much bigger papers and businesses than I (although I don't remember any of their names, crap).

I just have to say to the Universe that I am very grateful that I am in Pennsylvania and my editor has enough confidence in his intern (me) to send me to these assignments.


Jarad 31 said...

fantastic portfolio events!!!!!

the.kim.peterson said...

Great photo of Obama