Monday, January 7, 2008

First offical crazy day

So today I was given 5 assignment for a "7.5 hours shift". It was a lot longer day here are a couple from the more interesting ones. Don't get too excited they weren't all that interesting.

This was actually the second stop, the lights from the great big tree in the middle of town where being taken down and my editor thought it would be a fun feature picture, doncha think.

From there I raced to the city ice rink to literally take pictures of water freezing, the only people at the energy saving announcement was me and a couple of t.v. reporters.

So this was the last one of the day and I have to say it was pretty fun a bunch of kids taking a Hip Hop class. This one in the middle was taking it very seriously, it was the best a good way to end the very stressful first day.

oh and thanks jarad for the encouragement.

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