Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pitching ideas

This week is Catholic School Week in York there was a religion bee...
And cheering school girls...

And what do you know a sports picture without a flash.

Tonight I am shooting my first video, luckily it is of a cat and its owner and I don't have to have it up on the web for a couple weeks so I will have plenty of time to edit it, which is what I am worried about since I have no experience.

I pitched my first story ideas to my editor today, it went very well. I want to go with the local Jewish Community Center to the Holocaust Museum in D.C. in March and do a slide show or a video of the trip and the people. He loved the idea and gave me the go ahead, now I need to contact the JCC to make sure I can come along on the bus and the Holocaust museum to get permission to take photos inside.

The second one is that one of the private elementary schools is having a science night where the kids are sleeping over at the school and doing science late into the night, again he liked the idea and gave me the go ahead so now I actually have projects to work on when I don't have assignments.

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