Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I need gloves

It is finally cold enough to snow, and I spent a hour waiting for the building to come down without gloves, the things I sacrifice for a picture I don't like. My editor thought it was good, it showed the anticipation of the moment. I think it is blah, doesn't really grab me but oh well.

The only thing less boring than taking a mug of a person is taking a mug of a building but hey it was an easy one just across the street from our offices.

Then I got to the good stuff, the Anstine's Candy shop, it was fabulous and they gave me a sample of their mints, it was divine, I am soooo going back there. It is all owned and operated by the same family for almost 90 years, everything is handmade and they use really pure chocolate so the taste is great but the candy does get a little pricey. I will have to save up.

These are the mints, oh boy my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

The day ended sweetly...

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Jarad 31 said...

I really like the second from the bottom!!! WAY TO GO!!! great shot and to be honest, the chocolate looks SICK!!!!